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Radiation Therapist Salary

Radiation Therapist Salary

What is the standard salary of a Radiation Therapist?

The average rate of a Radiation Therapist is computed by adding together the total amount of wages in the professional and divides that amount by the entire number of employees. Simply put, the lowest 10% of this profession was able to make less than $51,720 whereas the top 10% was able to make an income of $113,810.

Is there any factor that affects the salary of these professionals?

Generally, these professionals are able to earn a salary of $80,410 every year, along with the range $51,720 to $113,810. You will find some important factors at work, which affect this range amount $60,000 that includes geographic location, experience and education as well.


Education for Radiation Therapist is extremely variable and most of the times are dependent on the state. There is some requirement that varies between every state and therefore the needed education has countless differences. Other states need an associate degree, whereas other would require to have at least bachelor’ degree. Due to its variability, those individual who are seeking to work in a state together with more lax prerequisites, or no requirements for license at will, would find a huge education carries better pay. This is mainly for the reason that in turn to a good knowledge base as well as skill set, and part because to the further experience as education might bring, both experts from practical courses and professional training could benefit.


This stuff is presently undecided. You will find certain requirement for every Radiation Therapist as well as the market in this field is growing rapidly to the point of needing specialization in the future that might include the topics like the intraoperative radiation therapy.


The position is a minor probability for the improvement of salary. Such professionals normally work under other physician and radiologist but on those large facilities like hospitals, a team of Radiation Therapist that would need a department head.


Having enough experience is one of the chief methods of the improvement of salary. Those starting in the position could expect amount of $55,000 to $60,000, depending on their geographic location. On the other hand, after 10 years in the field, there would be extra skills and knowledge that could denote that their salaries might increase to $75,000 or more.

Psychiatrist Salary

Pshychiatrist Salary

What is a Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist is a physician who works in the treatment and diagnosis of different mental illnesses and disorders. Their job is determining whether a certain symptoms lead from physical disorder or probably a combination of physical and mental sickness, or severely just from mental ill health. In addition, these professionals are able to cure illness through the help of different method that include psychotherapy and medication.

How about their salary, How much is it?

The average salary of a Psychiatrist is $177,520. This average wage is computed by adding together all the wages in the job and dividing the amount with the whole number of employees. People who are able to drop in the lowest 10% of all the same profession could anticipate to have less than $75,920 every year while others together that were able to acquire more experience in the top 10% could have a salary of $260,000 every year.

What factors influence the income of a Psychiatrist?

The income of these professional is influenced by several factors, which involves the location selected, specialization as well as the selected environments. Normally, those who are working in outpatient care centers acquire the most and largest income, together with an amount of $198,000. On the other hand, those who are able to work in universities and colleges are more likely to gain approximately $144,000. The average annual salary of a Psychiatrist is $177,520, along with the high point earning being in locations or states than largest population.

How about the position and experience?

Position for these professionals provides the most expensive salary improvements, essentially for those that involve sub-specialties. Those individual who acquires with an excellent experience will be able to excel as well, subsequently from the best knowledge as well as research base, whereas, an average residency will obtain an average salary. The knowledge and experience of companionship will enhance the pay and is thus, highly recommended. There is no doubt that additional experience will result to more pay rises on the long run.

People who are more interested in entering the field of psychiatry sometimes wonder if doing the extensive schooling is worth the earnings. They will need lot of time and hard work to pursue being a Psychiatrist. And you will have to decide earlier of time if you really want to commit your life in this career.

Podiatrist Salary

Podiatrist Salary

How much does a Podiatrist make?

To deal with other people’s foot problems are probably would not want to consider by anyone. However, to embark on a career being a podiatrist is indeed rewarding, if taken in financial perspective. If only you specialize in podiatry, you will definitely look forward with its high starting salary once you land your first job.

If you are just a newly graduate podiatrist, don’t worry for once you are hired, you can have the first, yet high salary. You can expect earning from $85,000 to $105,000 per year, as stated by “American Medical Association.” It is said that the beginning podiatrists who are employed through federal Veterans Administration hospitals had received their starting salaries for up to $61,217 in year 2009.

Knowing how healthy the starting salary for podiatrist could be, how much could it be for an average wage for podiatrist? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for entire podiatrists was roughly $133,870 as of May 2011.In fact, such figure is somehow below the mean wage, $150,000 that the APMA calculated for the earnings of podiatrist way back in 2008. As shown in the bureau data, the lowest paid for 10 percent of podiatrists have earned $55,690 in May 2011. On the other hand, top 10 percent is able to take home over $187,199.

Income acquired by the certified podiatrist varies according their location and the industry they belong. You need to consider the two for you to know and understand how your salary is based and calculated.


If you already qualify as a podiatrist and you want to maximize your earnings, you must apply to a place where more salary is awarded to podiatrist. Podiatrist who work in the state of Rocky Mountain, are the best rewarded in United States. They take home an average salary of the $176,340, which is nearly four times the regular annual wage of all the professionals in America. Podiatrists who are plying their trade in Ohio tend to earn a lot less, getting $121,560 per year.


According to the BLS, Medical podiatrists who work in an outpatient care centers receive a payment for about $154,920 in May 2011. This salary is better to the mean wage of such podiatrists who work for the federal executive branch, earning $102,830 at the same time. For those who work in universities, colleges, and other professional schools as well as those employed by general surgical and medical hospitals received a salary pay between $135,130 and $128,840 in year 2011.

If only you have chosen the right location and industry to work with, you have nothing to worry about being paid with the right salary you deserve. Being a podiatrist alone implies that you will have the greater chance of earning as high as other professionals in the healthcare industry earn. You deserve to receive the salary that a podiatrist should be earning, so do not limit yourself working at a low-paying company wherein you can aim for what’s even better!



Want to become a Surgeon?

Becoming a surgeon takes time and effort. You have to undertake first step before you go to the next and finally get the license, which enables you to practice what a certified surgeon does. What are surgeons? They are physicians who are focus on invasive medical treatments that implicate cutting open the human body in order to treat physical conditions, certain illnesses, as well as injuries.

They are among the well-paid and most highly educated professionals in United States. That is why surgery has become a sought-after and very desirable career. If you look for tips or ways on how to become a surgeon, consider the following.

What it takes to become a Surgeon

  • Pass the GED (General Education Development) exam.
    While you are still in high school, you need to start paying special attention to specific science subjects such as biology, chemistry, physiology, and physics. How you perform in any type of science classes will surely help in determine which career in medicine best suit you. During your college admission, you should improve your scores through taking SAT prep course.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree.
    Although there is no specific major requirement for medical school, choosing a science-related major is best. You should also complete coursework in biology, physiology, chemistry, English, and mathematics. You need to try spacing out your pre-med courses in order for you to devote enough time to each subject and be able to maximize your performance.

  • Take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).
    Remember that your score on this test and your college transcripts as well serve as factors to determine whether you will be accepted to medical school or not. As soon as you have completed the test, you should apply to different medical schools. Do not forget to take into consideration the schools’ location, reputability and cost.

  • Complete medical school.
    Usually, some programs would take four years for you to complete before you earn a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). When you attend medical school, you will study biochemistry, anatomy, medical ethics, psychology and other subjects in laboratory and classroom settings for the first two years. For the second two years, you will engage in more hands-on experience in treating patients through the supervision of certain medical professionals.

  • Complete a residency program.
    After you graduated from your chosen medical school, you are required of completing surgical residency program for specific area. Such residencies differ in duration, which could last and range from three to 8 years. This involves working in hospitals as well as treating patients under the supervision of professional doctors.

Get licensed
. The requirement of the being licensed varies between states in order to practice surgical process, but every state still requires physicians and surgeons to acquire license.

Above all, it is essential for you to know and realize what it takes to become a Surgeon. It will best define how you are going to perform or practice what you have learned before you acquire your license. It is not about being licensed, it is about how you are going to utilize what you have learned in the best possible ways.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Want to become a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech-Language Pathologist treats or diagnoses disorders affecting speech such as problems that cause swallowing problems, create rhythm or fluency problems, prevent proper production of speech sounds, or even affect an individual’s ability to process speech.

However, becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist is never an easy profession you need to make sure that every treatment is done efficiently and safely. They usually work in clinical settings, but could also work in schools, medical facilities, and research and development labs as well as in clients’ homes.

How to become a Speech-Language Pathologist

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

The first thing you can do in order to light your pathways toward your future career as a speech therapist is of course, through the earning a bachelor’s degree. Actually, no required major for you to become a certified speech-language pathologist, but it is more pertinent to those who acquire degree in speech and hearing sciences or communication courses. However, there are certain pre-requisite courses that are needed for you to be admitted in the “graduate-level speech therapy program.”

Earn a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology

For every speech therapist licensure requirements in any state will always require you to have a master’s degree. This is where concepts such as literacy, phonology, voice articulation and neurological substrates are introduced. This is to prepare you from the state licensing exams.

To have supervised clinical practicums is an important component in completing the degree programs. This is where graduate students are diagnosing and treating patients that come from different socioeconomic and linguistic backgrounds. So, in order for you to succeed, you need to become Bilingual and be able to participate in a fellowship for you fulfill your goals.

Earn Credentialing

You can earn credentials through “American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)” who offers credentialing for the speech therapists in clinical practice, academic programs, clinical specialty recognition and continuing education.

Once you acquire an “ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP)”, you can surely satisfy all the licensure requirements in several states you plan to practice your profession. In case that employers are requiring you to have such credential, you should have a master’s degree and complete 400 hours of supervised clinical experience.

Get Licensure

Of course, at the end of the day, obtaining your license is one that will enable you to practice being a speech-language pathologist. Although CCC-SLP credential might already satisfy requirements in several states, there is a great possibility that others still require licensure.

The common requirements are passage of the exams, a designated number of supervised clinical practicum hours and master’s degree in speech-language pathology.

Continued Education

Some states would require you to continue your education in order to maintain licensure. Such requirement can be fulfilled through completing classes, workshops or seminars. By doing so, you are provided with great opportunities to stay current on the industry trends and standards.

It feels great when you know that you are able to help in treating speech problems. But it is even more important once you know and understand what it takes to become a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapist

How to become a Radiation Therapist

If you are into medical practice and wanted to save many lives through radiation therapy, then, pursuing such career may be the answer for your career dream. Aside from treating serious diseases such as cancers and other malignant or benign illnesses among patients, being a radiation therapist can also provide you with great opportunity to earn great salary and compensation.

These professionals are also responsible for administering doses to treat and prevent cancerous growth in patients, and helps in delivering different methods to help shrink tumors. Radiation Therapist works on various work environments such as hospitals, outpatient centers, healthcare centers and physician office.

If you truly want to pursue such kind of worthwhile career for whatever purpose, great thing there are various vocational school, universities and colleges that offers radiation therapy programs & bachelor’s degree program. Both degrees provide students with pertinent knowledge about the field and experiential learning that will prepare them to become a certified professional. Usually, radiation therapist starts their career training after completing an associate or a bachelor’s degree in Radiation Therapy. Employers and medical institutions also require an associate’s degree, but may prefer those who held a bachelor’s degree. Radiation therapists are also expected to perform medical imaging procedures, such as CT scans and x-rays.

Since they are usually standing for long period of hours, radiation therapists must also provide a proof that they are in good physical health. Candidates must also hold a high school diploma and should have a GED certificates to be accommodated to a radiation therapy program. Colleges and universities that are offering radiation therapy programs also provide workshops for students. These workshops may address variety of ethical issues in radiation therapy, including patient care techniques or training on modern radiation therapy technology. Some of these workshops may also be taken for credit while others may not be associated with the Radiation Therapy degree program. Most states also requires for licensure and certifications. Generally, a degree from accredited certifications and programs are required for licensure.

Some of the requirements to be eligible for the program for the licensure include the following:

  • Program level in radiation therapy (bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree)
  • Pre-requisites (high school diploma or any equivalent certificates)
  • Experiential learning (training workshops that are commonly offered)
  • Program length (must be two years for the associate’s degree)
Associate’s degree

Associate’s degree typically meets the employer’s required minimum standards. Students must be able to learn how to use Radiation therapy equipment and garner hands-on training through simulated medical situations. Some of the courses offered by associate’s degree includes: Sectional Pathology, Radiologic technology, medical terminology and medical imaging and processing.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree expands programs on the basic concept and courses that are being taught in the associates’ degree program. Students are expected to learn advanced patients’ ace and integral Radiation Therapy Techniques while gaining more knowledge and experience in the two-year program.

If you want to become a Radiation Therapist, the above bits of information are some of the important details that you should take into account.



How to become a psychiatrist

Do you want to become a psychiatrist? If so, psychiatric nurse practitioner programs are designed for students to be prepared especially in providing an extensive range of services in mental health through bio-psychosocial care model. It includes the application and study of treatment and diagnostic theories, approaches and modalities to practices. Students will learn collective skills to work with other expert’s healthcare and offer mental services in healthcare in the entire settings. Psychiatric nurse practitioner programs allow graduates to bring direct (intervention, assessment) and indirect progressive practice services (supervision, consultation and case management) to individuals who are at risk for and need services in mental health.

You want to know what it takes to become a psychiatrist, right. If so, get started with these Psychiatric nurse practitioner program features:

  • Synchronous online lectures provide an extremely communicating format of learning that engages and challenges the students.
  • Completely accredited by CCNE or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Professional and certified board of faculty from Drexel’s commended by CNHP (College of Nursing and Health Professions).
  • Upon the accomplishment of the program, students are qualified for the certification of psychiatric nurse practitioner over ANCC or American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner programs are self-paced and it can provide the student’s self-determination in order to study the course. These online programs are appropriate for busy experts who seek to have a career in psychiatric nursing. Becoming a psychiatrist is made easier and faster when you go through online courses.

If you really want to know how to become a psychiatrist, you should take these programs. These courses will be very helpful because of accurate curriculum and training involved on every program. The things that you will obtain on these programs will surely bring you to become a professional psychiatric nurse. If you are eager to be one of the psychiatric nurses, it is recommended that you should enroll in some programs that will help you achieve your goal. This program will provide you several learning on becoming an expert and proficient psychiatric nurse. It will provide you with helpful guide which will surely be very ideal for your career in becoming a psychiatrist. For a rule of thumb, enroll to programs that are accredited by the state. You will not only learn on how to analyse several mental conditions but you will also be trained in providing therapies ensure full recovery.

Since students are being trained to treat and diagnose the patients, these programs will surely help you in becoming one of the best psychiatric nurses in the industry. Attending to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs will help you in becoming a competent and professional psychiatrist. To achieve your preferred profession, make sure that you keep yourself updated with the programs available. Psychiatric nurse practitioner programs can help you a lot most especially if you really have the passion of helping people in need. Although this kind of profession is not an easy job, your efforts, sacrifices and time will all be worth it. Becoming a psychiatrist will surely provide you a feeling of great achievement.



How to become a Podiatrist

Are you an aspiring podiatrist? If so, be ready to spend at least a decade in college. The first step you need to undergo is to pursue an undergraduate program, most likely physics, biology, or chemistry. After that, you have to take Medical College Admission tests that will lead you to become a doctor of podiatric medicine. Under DPM, you have to take two years of clinical experience under a supervision team.

What it takes to become a Podiatrist?

Develop the necessary skills. Becoming a podiatrist means you have to develop essential skills in order to perform your duties efficiently. Say for instance, if you are evaluating a patient with foot problem, you need to be crystal clear with all the symptoms and then use your critical skills in diagnosing a possible infection. Since you have to interact with patients regularly, you must also have good conversational skill. Also, you must be empathetic and compassionate especially with patients who are in pain or those who are about to undergo a certain injury.

Accomplish licensing requirements. Another consideration on how to become a podiatrist is to meet licensing requirements. Granted, becoming a podiatrist requires you to complete a three-part Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam before taking a residency program, there are some states that command addition regulations when it comes to licensing requirements. Say for instance, if you are living in Texas and you are an aspiring podiatric, it is a must that you obtain your licensing requirements from the State board of Podiatric Medical Examinees. For competent board certifications, opt for the American Board of Podiatric Medicine or the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Meeting licensing requirements is very essential in becoming a Podiatrist because you are able to show your competence and expertise to potential employers and patients.

Look for employment. After completing all the requirements, you can now look for employment. You can pay a visit to hospitals, office of physicians, US Public health service and even outpatient care centers to look for vacancies. There are also other podiatrists who take part in private practices aiming to establish podiatric consulting companies or foot clinics. If you are already equipped with vast range of experience in the industry, you can move into independent research companies or even teach at college schools focused on podiatric medicine.

There you have it- what it takes to become a podiatrist. As discussed earlier, you have to spend at least ten years in college if you want to become a podiatrist. It means that you need strong will power, patience and sincere intention in order to make your dreams do come true. If you are equipped with these values, you are now good to go. Do take note that if you become to be competitive in this kind of health care job, you have to develop the necessary skills while taking your experience and expertise into a newer height as time goes by. Start becoming a podiatrist now!

Physician Assistant

Physcian Assistant

How to become a Physician Assistant

When you say physician assistant, you will be involved along with surgeons and doctors who were examining patients, evaluating medical test results as well as curing minor injuries right under the supervision of registered medical professionals. You must also be aware that they will be able to handle inventory and supervise medical technicians.

Moreover, always keep in your mind that you will need empathy here once you choose to work for patients. During these instances, they might get nervous, suffering in pain or may not feel well. In addition to this, your job as physician assistant could be demanding physically since you need to consume hours right on their fee every day. Likewise, this will also depend on your employment place, there are times that they need to work during weekends, nights or even during holidays. This can be too daunting however, can be too fulfilling too as you are helping people make their wellness and health better.

What it takes to become a Physician Assistant?

First, you must qualify on the Physician Assistant Program.

It is mandated that physician assistant finished formal education programs, which was approved by ARC-PA or also known as Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant. In order to be admitted into this program you have to get your college education or bachelor’s degree as well as 3 years of experience in healthcare field. Requirement for admission will differ from one program to another.

Second, finish an accredited program.

Healthcare centers, medical schools as well as colleges typically provides assistant programs. Though bachelor’s and associates program is available, majority of the physician assistant program out there do result right on 2-year master’s degree Their curriculum do consist of different medical instruction within laboratory as well as clinic. The topics within the course may include patient assessment, anatomy, pharmacology, physiology and even diagnostics.

Third, get your License.

Every state do obliged physician assistants in order to be licensed in practicing their chosen profession. Each candidate must be able to graduate right from the ARC-PA and then pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination or PANCE. This is being administered by none other than but NCCPA or National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. It is known to be multiple-choice type of examination which is covering surgical and medical fundamentals. Those passers could use PA-C designation.

These are some of the ways on how to become a physician assistant. But apart from that, you must always bring with you determination and perseverance along the way. There are several factors, which may hinder you to achieve your goals however with enough motivation and optimism, you could go on and grab that shining reward right at the end of the rainbow. Let yourself be filled with so much commitment and desire in making this happen. Before you knew it, you might be standing right at the door of your own new office as a licensed physician assistant! Make this happen sooner!

Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistant refers to a licensed medical caregiver and professional. They typically work in the doctor’s office, clinic or office. They work to assist doctors in certain surgical procedures but they are not licensed to perform surgery. They always work under the supervision of the physician or doctor.

They are the ones who are licensed performing certain routine diagnosis and writing prescriptions. Most physician assistants tend to work at a clinical environment within the regular business hours each week.

How many years does it takes you to become a certified physician assistant? The PDF or Physician’s Assistant education program is shown on the medical school curriculum which is a combination of clinical and classroom instruction. This course of study is considered intense and rigorous. The average length of the program is 26 months, which is equivalent to three academic years.

What is a Physicians’ Assistants Salary?

How much salary they are getting out of performing their daily tasks and jobs as a physician assistant? In United States, a PA is earning an average salary of $87,342 a year. People who work at the Emergency Room or Emergency Medicine are those that tend to be the highest paying skills. For the next five to ten years working as Physician Assistant, salary pay can increase modestly.

In 2014, PAs made their median salary of about $95,820. It is best compensated in most metropolitan areas of Longview, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and South Bend, Indiana. Sectors who pay physicians that well, includes home health care services and consulting services.

If you are to compare the salary of Physician Assistants to other best jobs, you can say that PA’s salary is indeed lower, but enough for a PA. General physicians or internists made much more for an average of $190,530 while nurse practitioners have almost similar to PA’s salary of $97,990.

The salary, which Physicians’ Assistant receives varies due to some factors determining the base salary. You can consider asking yourself with the following questions:

  • Do you have to work on weekends?
  • Are you flying solo or do you have a lot of support?
  • Does your work adheres to your personal goals as a healthcare practitioner?
  • Is your place of work in less desirable or remote location?
  • Are there other benefits that are worth to consider such as retirement or healthcare package?

The income of a particular PA still depends on the nature of job he/she is up to and based on the employer or company. Therefore, it is important that you always check your average salaries within your region and if possible you an open salary discussions together with your colleagues. This will help you not to degrade your lower salary but to know why your colleagues are paid more than you are.

You have to be open-minded that there are probably reasons why you are earning more or less, what a physician’s assistant should. The best thing to do is to seek for the right doctor, employer or healthcare company to apply and work with.