Radiation Therapist Salary

Radiation Therapist Salary

What is the standard salary of a Radiation Therapist?

The average rate of a Radiation Therapist is computed by adding together the total amount of wages in the professional and divides that amount by the entire number of employees. Simply put, the lowest 10% of this profession was able to make less than $51,720 whereas the top 10% was able to make an income of $113,810.

Is there any factor that affects the salary of these professionals?

Generally, these professionals are able to earn a salary of $80,410 every year, along with the range $51,720 to $113,810. You will find some important factors at work, which affect this range amount $60,000 that includes geographic location, experience and education as well.


Education for Radiation Therapist is extremely variable and most of the times are dependent on the state. There is some requirement that varies between every state and therefore the needed education has countless differences. Other states need an associate degree, whereas other would require to have at least bachelor’ degree. Due to its variability, those individual who are seeking to work in a state together with more lax prerequisites, or no requirements for license at will, would find a huge education carries better pay. This is mainly for the reason that in turn to a good knowledge base as well as skill set, and part because to the further experience as education might bring, both experts from practical courses and professional training could benefit.


This stuff is presently undecided. You will find certain requirement for every Radiation Therapist as well as the market in this field is growing rapidly to the point of needing specialization in the future that might include the topics like the intraoperative radiation therapy.


The position is a minor probability for the improvement of salary. Such professionals normally work under other physician and radiologist but on those large facilities like hospitals, a team of Radiation Therapist that would need a department head.


Having enough experience is one of the chief methods of the improvement of salary. Those starting in the position could expect amount of $55,000 to $60,000, depending on their geographic location. On the other hand, after 10 years in the field, there would be extra skills and knowledge that could denote that their salaries might increase to $75,000 or more.

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