Podiatrist Salary

Podiatrist Salary

How much does a Podiatrist make?

To deal with other people’s foot problems are probably would not want to consider by anyone. However, to embark on a career being a podiatrist is indeed rewarding, if taken in financial perspective. If only you specialize in podiatry, you will definitely look forward with its high starting salary once you land your first job.

If you are just a newly graduate podiatrist, don’t worry for once you are hired, you can have the first, yet high salary. You can expect earning from $85,000 to $105,000 per year, as stated by “American Medical Association.” It is said that the beginning podiatrists who are employed through federal Veterans Administration hospitals had received their starting salaries for up to $61,217 in year 2009.

Knowing how healthy the starting salary for podiatrist could be, how much could it be for an average wage for podiatrist? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for entire podiatrists was roughly $133,870 as of May 2011.In fact, such figure is somehow below the mean wage, $150,000 that the APMA calculated for the earnings of podiatrist way back in 2008. As shown in the bureau data, the lowest paid for 10 percent of podiatrists have earned $55,690 in May 2011. On the other hand, top 10 percent is able to take home over $187,199.

Income acquired by the certified podiatrist varies according their location and the industry they belong. You need to consider the two for you to know and understand how your salary is based and calculated.


If you already qualify as a podiatrist and you want to maximize your earnings, you must apply to a place where more salary is awarded to podiatrist. Podiatrist who work in the state of Rocky Mountain, are the best rewarded in United States. They take home an average salary of the $176,340, which is nearly four times the regular annual wage of all the professionals in America. Podiatrists who are plying their trade in Ohio tend to earn a lot less, getting $121,560 per year.


According to the BLS, Medical podiatrists who work in an outpatient care centers receive a payment for about $154,920 in May 2011. This salary is better to the mean wage of such podiatrists who work for the federal executive branch, earning $102,830 at the same time. For those who work in universities, colleges, and other professional schools as well as those employed by general surgical and medical hospitals received a salary pay between $135,130 and $128,840 in year 2011.

If only you have chosen the right location and industry to work with, you have nothing to worry about being paid with the right salary you deserve. Being a podiatrist alone implies that you will have the greater chance of earning as high as other professionals in the healthcare industry earn. You deserve to receive the salary that a podiatrist should be earning, so do not limit yourself working at a low-paying company wherein you can aim for what’s even better!

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