How to become a Physician?

One of the most common dreams you would hear from a child is that “I want to be doctor?” But is that as easy as what they think?

It is not. Becoming a physician do involves several years of training and education. And take note this training could take about 11-16 years, depends upon whether you’d like to work as general doctor or any other types. Majority of the physicians have completed undergraduate schools of minimum 4 years being accompanied by 4 years in medical school. After that, they have to attend 3-8 years on residency programs. Aside from that, fellowship could last on extra 1-3 years.

Furthermore, they could select to work on primary care or even to specialize on different areas like surgery and paediatrics. No matter what they choose, they should know that their main responsibility here is that to identify as well as treat diseases through right examination of their patients, generating good treatment plan as well as prescribing medication.

What does it takes to become a Physician?

Earn 4-year degree

It is the very first step in order to become one of the physician out there. This will basically involve completion of 4-year undergraduate program (pre-med). Each medical school do have their own requirement set, however, you likely need to get strong concentration on Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Biology and Anatomy.

Aside from that, it is also imperative for you to maintain a remarkable GPA so you could boost up your chances on being accepted on prestigious medical school.

Be ready to take MCAT or Medical College Admission Test

Among other fields, medical school is one of the most competitive. For you to get there, you have to pass first the MCAT, well-known for its standardized and multiple choice test, which evaluates skills and knowledge significant in being a good medical student.

This exam does have three sections namely verbal reasoning, physical science as well as biological science. You will also encounter here the un-scored and voluntary trial section that poses question, which could be asked on your future MCAT. It could be taken anytime, although oftentimes students take it prior the year they are hoping on entering their chosen medical school.

Complete 4 long years in Med school

Most of the time, med students requires four years on medical school so they could complete laboratories and coursework. They must be able to complete courses on biochemistry, anatomy, psychology, ethics, pharmacology as well as physiology.

When they are already done with that, they can opt if they will pursue for a D.O degree (Doctor of Osteopathic) or D.M degree (Doctor of Medicine).

Earn your license

It is one of the requirement of every state to pass the standard licensure exam. The requirements for licensing are quite different from one state to another. That is why it is advisable contact the medical board of your state to know more about it.

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