Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistant refers to a licensed medical caregiver and professional. They typically work in the doctor’s office, clinic or office. They work to assist doctors in certain surgical procedures but they are not licensed to perform surgery. They always work under the supervision of the physician or doctor.

They are the ones who are licensed performing certain routine diagnosis and writing prescriptions. Most physician assistants tend to work at a clinical environment within the regular business hours each week.

How many years does it takes you to become a certified physician assistant? The PDF or Physician’s Assistant education program is shown on the medical school curriculum which is a combination of clinical and classroom instruction. This course of study is considered intense and rigorous. The average length of the program is 26 months, which is equivalent to three academic years.

What is a Physicians’ Assistants Salary?

How much salary they are getting out of performing their daily tasks and jobs as a physician assistant? In United States, a PA is earning an average salary of $87,342 a year. People who work at the Emergency Room or Emergency Medicine are those that tend to be the highest paying skills. For the next five to ten years working as Physician Assistant, salary pay can increase modestly.

In 2014, PAs made their median salary of about $95,820. It is best compensated in most metropolitan areas of Longview, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and South Bend, Indiana. Sectors who pay physicians that well, includes home health care services and consulting services.

If you are to compare the salary of Physician Assistants to other best jobs, you can say that PA’s salary is indeed lower, but enough for a PA. General physicians or internists made much more for an average of $190,530 while nurse practitioners have almost similar to PA’s salary of $97,990.

The salary, which Physicians’ Assistant receives varies due to some factors determining the base salary. You can consider asking yourself with the following questions:

  • Do you have to work on weekends?
  • Are you flying solo or do you have a lot of support?
  • Does your work adheres to your personal goals as a healthcare practitioner?
  • Is your place of work in less desirable or remote location?
  • Are there other benefits that are worth to consider such as retirement or healthcare package?

The income of a particular PA still depends on the nature of job he/she is up to and based on the employer or company. Therefore, it is important that you always check your average salaries within your region and if possible you an open salary discussions together with your colleagues. This will help you not to degrade your lower salary but to know why your colleagues are paid more than you are.

You have to be open-minded that there are probably reasons why you are earning more or less, what a physician’s assistant should. The best thing to do is to seek for the right doctor, employer or healthcare company to apply and work with.

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