Want to become a Surgeon?

Becoming a surgeon takes time and effort. You have to undertake first step before you go to the next and finally get the license, which enables you to practice what a certified surgeon does. What are surgeons? They are physicians who are focus on invasive medical treatments that implicate cutting open the human body in order to treat physical conditions, certain illnesses, as well as injuries.

They are among the well-paid and most highly educated professionals in United States. That is why surgery has become a sought-after and very desirable career. If you look for tips or ways on how to become a surgeon, consider the following.

What it takes to become a Surgeon

  • Pass the GED (General Education Development) exam.
    While you are still in high school, you need to start paying special attention to specific science subjects such as biology, chemistry, physiology, and physics. How you perform in any type of science classes will surely help in determine which career in medicine best suit you. During your college admission, you should improve your scores through taking SAT prep course.

  • Get a bachelor’s degree.
    Although there is no specific major requirement for medical school, choosing a science-related major is best. You should also complete coursework in biology, physiology, chemistry, English, and mathematics. You need to try spacing out your pre-med courses in order for you to devote enough time to each subject and be able to maximize your performance.

  • Take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).
    Remember that your score on this test and your college transcripts as well serve as factors to determine whether you will be accepted to medical school or not. As soon as you have completed the test, you should apply to different medical schools. Do not forget to take into consideration the schools’ location, reputability and cost.

  • Complete medical school.
    Usually, some programs would take four years for you to complete before you earn a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). When you attend medical school, you will study biochemistry, anatomy, medical ethics, psychology and other subjects in laboratory and classroom settings for the first two years. For the second two years, you will engage in more hands-on experience in treating patients through the supervision of certain medical professionals.

  • Complete a residency program.
    After you graduated from your chosen medical school, you are required of completing surgical residency program for specific area. Such residencies differ in duration, which could last and range from three to 8 years. This involves working in hospitals as well as treating patients under the supervision of professional doctors.

Get licensed
. The requirement of the being licensed varies between states in order to practice surgical process, but every state still requires physicians and surgeons to acquire license.

Above all, it is essential for you to know and realize what it takes to become a Surgeon. It will best define how you are going to perform or practice what you have learned before you acquire your license. It is not about being licensed, it is about how you are going to utilize what you have learned in the best possible ways.

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