How to Become a Pediatrician?

Taking care of the youngsters can be one of the most rewarding career you can ever have, especially if you are in the medical community. Physician who treats illnesses and offer preventive care to babies, youngsters, teenagers and young adults is called Pediatrician. This work needs and extra level of understanding and patience since the person will be dealing with the children which can sometimes become stressful. As a pediatrician, you are required to help young patients with diseases, injuries, functional problems and developmental disorders.

If you are looking forward becoming a pediatrician, then you had to undergo the following process:

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Premedical courses are prerequisite in medical school admission. These courses may include organic and inorganic chemistry, physics and biology. The admission to any medical school is usually competitive. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree can be your key to enter into medical school immediately. You can also increase your qualifications through gaining paid or volunteer clinical health care experience or take some positions that require leadership skills.

Complete a course from a medical school

The bachelor’s degree will be the key to gain admission from a medical school. Upon admittance, you can either take a full-blown of allopathic med school to obtain M.D degree or a four-year osteopathic med school to obtain a D.O degree. This programs will serve as your preparation grounds. However, D.O degree will give you more knowledge about preventive medicine and musculoskeletal system.

During the first two years in the medical school, you are more likely to take science-related courses such as physiology, anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and pharmacology. The last two years will be allotted to practicing or honing your skills such as giving diagnosis and treatment to patients. This will be done in a clinical rotations. The rotations will concentrate on various specialties like internal medicine, family practice, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, surgery and pediatrics.

Three-Year Residency

Three year residency, also referred as internship, allows a medical school graduate to work or apply their learned knowledge in the real medical setting like doctor’s office or hospital.

Get a License

License is needed if you want to officially practice your craft. License is a proof that you obtain the primary requirements on becoming a pediatrician and is credible enough to handle pediatric works. Before obtaining a license, an applicant needs to take an exam. The exam is usually given to test the candidate’s basic knowledge and their ability to use or apply that knowledge in a clinical scenario.

Obtaining Board Certification is a plus factor.

Board certification is optional. But earning this kind of certification will indicate that you are highly competent in your chosen specialty.

Knowing how to become a pediatrician is just the start of the process. You also need to know what it takes to become a pediatrician. Usually, it’s far more than extensive formal education and licenses. In order to be a successful pediatrician, you have to develop that desire to help youngsters. You should also make sure that you enjoy working with kids.

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