Pediatrician Salary

pediatrician salary

A pediatrician is a medical doctor that manages the behavioral, physical and mental health of the children from birth up until the age of 21. This professional is being trained in order to diagnose as well as treat different illnesses of childhood from minor to serious health problems. Pediatricians are considered as professionals that would treat children that are suffering from different kind of conditions like chronic disorders, infections and injuries. They are to perform general check-ups, provide immunization therapies or vaccination to those new born babies and treat numbers of diseases. And also, they are to prescribe proper medication along with rendering emergency child which includes follow-up care.

But how much money do these pediatricians make along with their duties and responsibilities? Pediatrician salary is significantly affected by numbers of different factors like advanced education, field of specialization, work experience, working in private practice or medical facility, sub specialty board certification and also geographic location. But there is a fact that the average starting salary of a pediatrician would be around $135 000 per annum and those that are with numbers of medical experience would receive almost $175,000 every year. And also, an average hourly wage intended for a pediatrician would be about $77.60 every hour that averages to almost $161,410 within the annual basis. But with this, pediatrician salary is still considered as not the one highest from among other salaries out there. Still, becoming a pediatrician could be a good choice and could be considered as very well-paid job.

How about the difference between the salaries of those private practice pediatrics and the employed pediatricians? Private practice physicians commonly have higher gross incomes and also more autonomy compared with physicians being employed by the medical institutions. And with that, those physicians that are in large practices or in hospital-related practices report that when malpractice coverage, life insurance, retirement contributions and health benefits are all taken into account the compensations would also come close to the private practice physicians.

Is Becoming a Pediatrician Right for you?

On the other hand, employed physicians carry more of the family-friendly 40-hour work in a week compared with private practice physicians and would appreciate the paid vacation time. So if you are to choose between employed pediatrician and private practice pediatrician the desired lifestyle as well as the personal preferences could carry much weight as the expected fiscal returns.

And there is another factor that might directly affect the pediatrician salary and that is the locum tenens physician. For those locum tenens, the salary might depend on how the said temporary work is being laid out. Those medical facilities may pay by the hour, by the week, per diem or by the month. But still, there are others who would pay for an on-call pediatrician. Overtime might also be compensated within a time and a half rate. The common per diem rate of the average locum tenens pediatricians would range in $400 to $430 along with malpractice insurance, housing and travel expenses being covered by the hiring company. With that, being a pediatrician could be of great choice indeed.

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