How to Become an Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists are responsible in treating and preventing pains as well as in monitoring their patient’s vital function during surgical procedures. These professionals are not only working on operating rooms but they are also practicing on health centers, pain clinics, labor and delivery units as well as intensive care units. In becoming a anesthesiologist, it would require the completion of medical school, undergraduate pre-requisite courses, residency and post residency training, most especially if the students want to expand their field of specialization.

In addition to that, anesthesiologists are also providing pain relief service to patients who are suffering from chronic pains. They are also working closely with surgeons and physicians in order to formulate an efficient treatment plan, before, during and after every surgical procedure.

If you are one of those who are aiming to be one of the best anesthesiologists, below are the steps on how to become a Anesthesiologist. Following the steps below would greatly help you achieve your goal:

Step 1: Be a Bachelor’s Degree Holder

It is a must that before you enter the medical school, you have first obtained a bachelor’s degree. You can take up any undergraduate degree provided that it has a background on natural sciences, particularly biology as it is very much essential. You also need to have strength in mathematics, English and physics because these are all needed.

Step 2: Take the Medical College Admission Test and Pass it

Becoming a anesthesiologist is not easy. It is required that you pass the MCAT and get at least the passing score. This kind of exam is designed in order to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate in different subject including biology, physics, general and organic chemistry, problem-solving, general writing skills and critical thinking. Aside from the writing assessment, MCAT comes in a multiple choice exam with 3 sections, physical sciences, verbal reasoning and biological sciences.

Step 3: Medical School Completion

Once you pass the MCAT exam, you are also required to attend 4-year medical school. In the first year of the medical school, aspiring anesthesiologist would study basic sciences while on the 2nd year, the focus will be on organ systems. On the 3rd year, it will be more on gaining direct experience and clinical training and on the last year, they will now participate on clerkship experience such as acute care, ambulatory care as well as inpatient care.

Step 4: Be a USMLE Passer

This exam is consist of 3 pars and taken in order to obtain medical licensure. The 2 steps is taken during the medical school or right after graduation and the last step is taken after gaining the M.D. degree.

Step 5: Completion of the Anesthesiology Residency Program

Once you have already gained the M.D. degree, you will again spend additional four years for the completion of the residency program. On the clinical base year, the residents will complete different hospital rotations and the 3 remaining years will be dedicated on the CA (clinical anesthesia) training.

Step 6: Achieve the State Licensing

The anesthesiologist should apply for licensing by means of medical board, on the state where they are planning to practice. To obtain the state licensure, the student should obtain all the requirements or steps mentioned above including the USMLE. These are the steps on you would become a successful Anesthesiologist. You can still advance your career through becoming a board certified.

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