Dietitian and Nutritionist

Dietitian and Nutritionist

How to Become a Dietitian and Nutritionist

Dietitians are individuals who are experts when it comes to food and nutrition programs. In most cases, they work in community agencies, schools, health care facilities, colleges, company cafeterias as well as private practices. One of the major health problems today, especially on children and adults is obesity however through the help of these healthcare professionals, every individual is taught to eat better. Aside from, they also help every individual learn to avoid eating unhealthy foods.

Since most of us are health conscious, there are some who wants to be a food nutritionist and a Dietitian but the question is what it takes to become a Dietitian and nutritionist? Worry no more because there are ways on how to become a Dietitian and nutritionist. Here are as follows:

  • You should apply and be admitted into an accredited DI or dietetic internship program. Aspiring Dietitian and nutritionist can choose distance DI program, traditional DI program, dual DI or the master’s degree program. You should understand that before you get the admission for DI program, the process would be a competitive one. That is why; you have to make sure that you will pass all the needed requirements.

  • You also need to make sure that you will complete the requirements for the DI program. Students are required to complete the needed number of hours during the internship, which is usually 1, 200 hours or more of supervised practice. At this time, students would be able to experience the 3 dietetics area, community dietetics, clinical dietetics and the food-system management. There are also other internships that provide additional experience on sports nutrition, research and many other areas. The DI programs would typically last for about 10-13 month. Also, the programs that provide master’s degree with Dietetic Internship would last from 2 to 3 years and the fee varies between programs.

  • After the internship programs, you have to pass the national board exam for registration. The same with other health care professionals, all the RDNs should take and pass the national board registration examination so that you would be able to earn your RDN certification. This RDN exam is usually a computer-based exam, which covers the content in 3 major dietetics areas, food service, community and clinical service.

This registration examination is updated for every 5 years in order to reflect the information and the entry-level Dietitians would be able to effectively master after the completion of DI and DPD program.

In becoming a Dietitian and nutritionist, it is important that you master the above-mentioned ways. Through such points, you will not only be able to achieve your goal but you would be able to help lots of individuals with their health. If you are already a licensed and professional Dietitian or nutritionist, you already now have the chance to advice every individual about their eating habits and other healthcare problems. You can now recommend helpful tips that will allow your patients to achieve healthy and fit body.

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