Dietitian and Nutritionist Salary

nutritionist salary

Nutritionist and dietitians plays an important role in the healthcare field. They are health professionals who are responsible of evaluating and assessing the use of food and nutrition in promoting health and managing diseases. Nutritionist and dietitian advise people on what they should eat and what diet is needed in order to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, or achieve specific, health-related goals. Nutritionists gives the best and feasible recommendations of the nutrient contents in the food items while dietitians provides a practical solution on what food to take for specific conditions.

They also work in many settings or healthcare facilities including clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias or for local and state governments. If you are wondering how much does a dietitian or a nutritionists make for their salary, you better read carefully because you might got surprise of the amount that that they garnering per year. According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics, as of 2015, the average annual salary of nutritionist and dietitians range round $56,300 above. However, one the other hand, non-salaried nutritionist only earns an average ‘hourly’ wage of $27.07 in same year. If you would evaluate, the median wage that they are earning is the wage at which half of the workers in other occupation is receiving, and half earned less.

However, the salary earning potential is dependent on the series of factors and other instances including the level of education, certification status and amount of experience in the field. According to the ‘Centers of Disease and Control’, the reason why they have such high rate annual income is due to the vitality of their occupation in preventing chronic diseases. Many adults and citizens of U.S are reported to have diabetes and kidney diseases which are associated with obesity–thus, where their service is needed. More dietitians and nutritionist are in demand to provide care for people with these health conditions.

As the baby boom generation is growing older and looking for ways to stay healthy and fit, so also the need for dietetic and nutritionist services. The aging and increasing population is also expected to increase the need for the service of dietitians and nutritionist in healthcare centers, nursing homes, and in home healthcare. Overall, the opportunities for nutritionist and dietitians are expected to be favorable in the succeeding years to come. Likewise, dietitians and nutritionist who have earned an advanced certification or degrees in their specialty areas are expected to get better prospects and enjoy better job opportunities.

A nutritionist and dietitian may also be influenced with the geographic location where they are serving. As such, the highest paid in dietitian and nutritionist profession works in the metropolitan areas of Vallejo (average salary: $72,430), San Francisco (average salary: $79, 430), Nevada ($70, 580) and Connecticut ($ 63, 820). Their income may also be influenced with the type of the industry employment such as grantmaking & giving services, office administrative service, federal executive brand, home healthcare, insurance carriers and others.

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