Speech-Language Pathologist Salary

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologist or also called a speech therapist is the one assessing, diagnosing, treating and helping prevent swallowing and communication disorders. Problems with language, speech and swallowing can be a result of various reasons that include but are not limited to hearing loss, brain injury, stroke, emotional problems and developmental delay.

What Duties Must a Speech Therapist Fulfill to Generate Income?

Diagnosing a patient’s speech-language problem:

  • They communicate with the patient for the evaluation of each patient’s level of language or speech difficulty.
  • They are the ones identifying treatment options.
  • They identify the extent of each communication problem by letting each patient complete vocalizing tasks, basic reading and other standard tests.
  • They are creating and carrying out treatment plans made for each individual.

They treat each patient by doing the following:

  • Patients are taught how to mimic and create certain sounds and slowly improve their voices.
  • Alternative methods for communicating are taught to patients like sign language.
  • Working with patients for the improvement of their skills in writing and reading and also in the development and strengthening of muscles for swallowing.
  • They counsel both patients and their families for coping with their communication disorders.

There are speech-language pathologists who provide services to patients with mild conditions and those who can’t completely speak. The specialist will create a special treatment that can help each patient individually. They will consider getting the entire medical history of the patient just to make sure that as patients go to their final evaluation, they can actually show improvements and develop their communication skills.

What Qualities Does a Speech-Language Pathologist Must Have?

A speech-language therapist must have communication skills that go beyond speaking. One must know how to listen and have critical thinking skills to make the right adjustments when talking to patients and create the most suitable treatment plan for each. This kind of therapist must also show compassion towards their patients regardless of what caused their speech disorders and have a lot of patience in handling different patients.

How Much Do Speech-Language Therapists Receive for Their Job?

Based on a report made in May of 2012, the median wage of speech-language therapists was around $69, 890. Those who are working in full time may receive more especially with the benefits while those having contract basis jobs can spend a considerable time when traveling from facilities to have their patients treated.

Basically, the median pay would start from $58 thousand. The salary may start from $46 thousand for those in the low end while those on the high end may reach up to $99 thousand every year. There are times when the approximate income of these specialists range with their location. It may vary from state to state or from company to company.

In general, therapists with jobs from the health care industry earn better than those specialists working under schools with programs made for students with language or speech problems. As mentioned, the wage can be affected by location. Industry metropolitan areas like Redding and Sacramento, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico are considered to be top paying areas for the job.

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