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A career in the healthcare and medical business provides lots of positives which include job stability and frequently, competitive salary too. At present, the rehabilitation arena including occupational therapy, has improved in career outlook for the past couple of years, and is anticipated to carry on through the year 2020.

Occupational therapy careers are growing at a much higher rate of progress than the overall job pool, with upsurge of up to 33% expected in this time, as against to the average 24 all jobs in general. With this higher demand must also come with a better career opportunities and higher salary, making it one of the better job options to consider when considering of a job in medical or healthcare.

Occupational Therapy or OC Salary Ranges

In the US, median salary is about $73, 000 yearly according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall salary range is expected to between a low of $49,000 to a high of upwards of $103,000 from career data compiled in 2010.

Ranges might be slightly higher in various areas because of recent job, salary as well as economic development, with reports of board certified experts earnings of up to $110,000 yearly. Compare to other businesses, OC get higher median payment than the pool of treating practitioners and health diagnostic at $71,500 yearly, and the overall job pool in general, which include all occupations, at about $34,000 yearly.

Ranges of salary in other nations might not be as high, according to some salary findings reported by government and organizations job statistics, however this has been changing. Increase need has been seen in various countries and not only the US, and with this improved demand has come increases in wages as well.

The medical or healthcare business has been seeing steady grow in many countries, bringing not just more careers or jobs and better salaries, however better education offerings. In light of these demands and changes, lot of educational programs have been growing and improving their curriculums to be capable of handling the improved demand for qualified professionals.

In Canada, the median salary of occupational therapy according to CAOT ranges from $45, 000 to $50,000 yearly, with high payments noted in private sector as opposed to publicly funded services. In the United Kingdom, the median salary of occupational therapy according to BAOT is between £40,000 and £50,000 yearly, with extra payment in the range of £5,500 annually for therapists working in London.

Occupational Therapy or OC Specialties

While most of the aforementioned quoted salary ranges apply to overall OTs, those who carry on their learning and experience to become certified specialists in the various fields could earn higher payment of compensation. A number of these specialty fields take account of social care, pediatrics, mental health, physical rehabilitation and others.

One of the Finest Jobs

Each year, World Report and US News publish a complete job viewpoint of all careers for the coming year utilizing polling information they have collected in the past years. In year 2012 report, 1000 Best Jobs of 2013 by US News, occupational therapy was in the #11 best job choices. According to this research of working professionals catering their opinion, the massive diversity provided in the field, and great sense of personal fulfillment in helping people, result in one of the best career in medical field, together with physical therapy.

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