Nurse Practitioner Salary

nurse practitioner salary

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who can professionally perform job related functions such as licensed physicians while generally pursuing constant education for associated medical studies. This practitioner is also able to diagnose and treat conditions and other diseases and recommend medicines. For insurance agencies, they work as PCPs or primary care providers for patients.

Typically, nurse practitioners serve as doctors’ right hand in order to fulfill complimentary roles needed in conventional medical care. For example, physicians may ask assistance to diagnose a patient’s conditions where nurse practitioners are allowed to help provide treatment for the patient until they have fully recovered. They use the diagnoses of the doctors to integrate the perfect home environment, mental wellbeing, and family into the treatment procedures planned for the patient.

How Much Do NPs Make?

In the United States, nurse practitioners’ average salary is around $88,000 annually. However, employers pay higher in San Francisco with a staggering offer of approximately $109,000 on average. If you want to generate better income as a nurse practitioner, you need to know the points where nurses are highly paid. For instance, New York pays an additional 18% compared to the median salary in the US. Also, Los Angeles offers extra 12%, Houston by 7%, and Philadelphia by 6%.

But in order for you to work as a professional nurse, you will need to complete all educational requirements. After that, you can pursue a post-graduate work including thorough medical training with residency or internship. However, you should have exceptional social skills as well as ability in care-giving. It will help you in connecting with patients while providing immediate recovery in the best possible way.

Duties and Responsibilities

When it comes to healthcare and wellbeing of the patient, nurse practitioners should also concentrate in the best methods to hasten the recovery. They can recommend exercise options, diet changes, and termination of any bad habit such as smoking. It will significantly help the patient in appreciating new behaviors to ensure that they are also after their wellbeing. Patients may also be referred to specialists to help them get the right treatment they need.

Here are the general tasks that nurse practitioners are responsible for:

  • Set down medications as well as therapy measures.
  • Diagnose and provide treatment for illnesses and acute injuries.
  • Conduct comprehensive physical examinations and advice patients regarding their health needs for faster recovery.
  • Check up the effectiveness of any recommended treatment or medications.

In some cases, nurse practitioners move into other related job roles such as Adult nurses with the same salary. Those who will choose to become a family nurse, the income would be $9,000 less on median salary. So if you have these skills including acute care, surgery, medicine, family practice, internal medicine, or geriatrics, this job is for you. Other skills may involve palliative care and intensive care.

However, salary calculation may less importantly consider your level of experience as a nurse practitioner. As long as you have the certifications and requirements, you can work as a professional nurse in any part of the world.

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